First anniversary

Hey guys; Im glad to share that it was first anniversary of my blog on 14 july 2018 . I know know im wishing it 2 days later cause of exams. Well thanks for being there for me and supporting my posts . I wish poeticessence becomes more progressive in future . Yours – Mystic […]

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Hey guys; I know I’ve been a lot irregular on WordPress. The truth is that it’s 10th class. And marks matter the most. At the end everyone just want marks no one thinks of your talent . Anyways they are correct.  I never say that they are wrong. All I need is a little time […]

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Titanic (poem)

You live in fantasies.  I live in reality. You believe in luxuries . While I keep suffering for my needs. You found people like me dirty. But at the same time you love me . Maybe you don’t know my reality . I request you for only one thing . Never come again on this […]

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Broken pieces ( poem)

Cracks in the glass . Remind me of myself . How I was once. With no love . When I wished to shine like stars. When fantasy books were filled in my shelves . When I wasn’t ready to trust . When I thought everyone just had lust. Those alone hours . Who taught me […]

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Life (poem)

Life is a book .. And we’ve barely read an introduction. We cry for the pages others took. What was written on those pages we don’t have any information. We try to understand the second line . But again and again we get thrown to the first one again. This is how we get teachings […]

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Gurudwara (poem)

Please do me a favour . Let me stay here forever. I want to be here all day and all night. I want to stay in this peaceful place all time. To me you are the best place to stay . You are full of peace and you help me to meditate. You are the […]

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Summers (poem)

Summers . Got me lots of troubles. I beg for a cool breeze. I die in these 45 degrees. Empty streets with no crowd no lovers. Sleepy ; tired everyone . All because of these deadly summers.  I wait for winters to come . For me winters is season of love. As I don’t have […]

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