Mad priest ( poem)

I lost myself in that madness . That i held somehow in myself . It was rising slowly day by day. Gladly this madness let me to myself. When I got lost in that tune and music. I found the real me. Singing and playing . Self absorbed; more logical and creative . This colour […]

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Happy gurpurab

Hey everyone πŸ˜ƒ Happy gurupurab to everyone πŸ˜ƒ . Vaheguru ji ka khalsa …Vaheguru ji ki fateh . πŸ˜ƒ May this gurupurab brings you lots of happiness and joy in your life . And again sorry for not posting on blog . Ive got exams . And i guess i wont be able to post […]

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Complicated topic

Hello ; I was thinking that why cant we let go of someone properly ? I mean a part of them remains with us. A part ? Nah whole of it actually… I still remmeber their birthdate ; habbits ; the things they liked etc etc. How much i try to get over em …i […]

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Do you care ( song )

When you know She is falling for you. More and more. Everyday she stands waving on your way. In that hope. Someday.. Her hand you will hold. And never let go. When she calls you through the hall way so that you turn towards her. Do you care ? When she sees you .. Do […]

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Get her back ( poem)

You can get her back ; you can get her back. She needs a smile and a good friend. She can’t let go of those who left. You can turn the time ; please make a flash back. Just for sake of her life. For her priceless smile. Every breath seems so heavy and she […]

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