Make me as I was before

It’s so easy to ask me. 

“How are you doing?”

But my heart pounds that very moment when you say it.

Because you know how I am doing.

There is no peace left except of my broken peices.

And i wish you to come back.

And make me as I was before.
It’s so easy to say I’m reserved .

Because it’s not at all I deserve.

I also want to be loved .

By you.

And i want my dreams to come true .

But at every time I need you.

To stay with me.

Make me whole new.

And better than that which I was before.

Come and now join my broken core.

And make me as I was before.
By – Nikita arora

New life 

Whats wrong ?

Why are you regretting?

These all broken peices of mine.

Come now and collect me .

Dont cry.

You made me like this.

So helpless and so unsatisfied by my life.

Come on now and set myself on fire.

Let me know your desire.

If there is anything left for me.

In your wonderful gifts that you gave me all time.

Come and scratch my wounds from every sight.

Dont stare at my situation.

It’s all your creation.

These paining memories are my habit and salvation.

At last I say don’t die for me.

Dont die for death .

Go and get some live that matches your behaviour and style .

Im dying.

Go get a new life.
By- nikita arora 


Why are you still holding me?

If you want me to go.

Let go of me.

And go get whatever you want.

Why are you still staring at me ?

Though you hate my eyes.

Why there is still a connection.

That’s making you mine?

Why are you still crying?

When you are fond of paining and denying.

Why don’t you run away ?

And leave me here .

Thinking about your answer.

And making myself satisfied.
By- nikita arora 

If yes

Let me know it that you are mine.

If yes.

Let me own you.

If you are satisfied.
Across my heart beats .

Across the time.

I will love.

All my life.
Till you forget about everything.

And feel my vibes.

Whatever i need  and you read my mind.
But let me know your heart’s desire.

Love ; feelings and yours approval.

If you will also love me.

If yes

Then let me own it.

If you are satisfied.
By- nikita arora 

I exist everywhere .

Enjoy at this moment.

Because you going to miss in another.

Im going to cure others pain.

As your love opened me for others.
See my smile and feel my existence im every breath.

I fill the incomplete ones .

But I haven’t left you .

Just see my existence in others.
Whenever you need me .

Just put your hand on your heart .

Feel your heart beats . You will find me holding time .

Dont fine me anywhere .

I exist everywhere.

But my heart always stays with you and I see you every second.

Feel the falling of sand from your hand.

It’s me healing you my lover.

And that how im falling.

Dont cry for me please .

That makes me weak .

Feel me too.

I cry as falling of rain .

Making you feel my pain.

Let go of me now.

I will be around you forever .

There is no need to find me anywhere .

As I exist everywhere.
By- nikita arora 


What should I do if they don’t want to listen?

Should i keep saying or should I let them to show their wisdom.

They say they don’t like advice but whatever they do goes wrong and they come to me after that every time.

At first they knew that everything after their decision wont be right.

They regret for making their fat heads decide.

That are egoistic as even after that they tell everything but never ask for conclusion even though they die for help from inside.

What else I do?

I just give them advice and a soft smile.

That may make them happy and relaxed even for a while.

They don’t waste time.

And they run to correct their mistake.

But they forget that a little thanks was left unsaid soon behind.

By- nikita arora